Sunday, August 2, 2009

Regular Local Satsang to Awesome Youth satsang


This Sunday there was a local satsang in Southern Pines, NC. A few youth arrived and we thought that this was the perfect time to do youth satsang and discuss common problems. We watched Niruma's english shibirs, and then a fantastic DVD of youth shibir with Deepakbhai. In this DVD Deepakbhai discussed many problems in this satsang that were the answers to many of our dailty problems. Throughout the satsang we paused the DVD and discussed what Deepakbhai said. It was a positive influence for all of us. These where some of the things that we thought were really helpful.

1. Progress in Gnan and Positivity:

Deepakbhai said... The time you spend with me, you are in awareness and you feel the positivity in you. This is because I am pulling you out of the "ditch of negativity and impurity" and all my energies are focused on pulling you out so you can start on the path of purity and positivity again. As soon as you all the shibirs are done and I leave, the awareness gradually decreases and you fall into the ditch again because their is no purusharth (effort to remain in the Pure Self) on your side. Then next year I pull you out of the same ditch again. Therefore, all my energies are being wasted and all of you are not progressing in the way of positivity and purity.

This gave all us inspiration and motivation to be positive and make sure we don't do anything to hurt any living being.


I know that all of you have heard in many satsangs that TV is bad and this is just repeating this fact. While watching satsang we paused the DVD and discussed how bad TV was and how to avoid it. The number 1 problem with TV is that it is filled with sexuality and this is a very negative influence. All of us realized that the number one reason we watch TV is when we are battle boredom we decided that we could play sports or join clubs or do community service. Anything positive that would keep us away from TV.

3. Fashion and Clothing

Fashion and clothing isn't a very big problem with guys, but sometimes it can be. I know it was for me, I was obsessed with wearing Abercrombie, American Eagle, etc. I would be so angry if my parents wouldn't buy me designer clothes. Sometimes I still want to buy those kinds of clothes, but I have to keep telling myself that spending LOADS OF MONEY on clothes isn't worth it. No one really cares what you are wearing. Deepakbhai said that if we used the time that we waste in fashion in staying positive and applying Gnan, then we would never be unhappy.

4. Obeying Parents

Deepakbhai also stressed the importance of obeying your parents. Your parents have done so much things for you. They brought you into this world, raised you, etc. We should never forget what all they have done for us. He told all the youth to obey and respect your parents.

Below is an experience from the satsang:

I have learned that trying to impress yourself you are also impressing the others around you and that do not want that kind of attention. Also, I understood that watching TV decreases your awareness and it is the worst thing in the world for spiritual progress. TV should be used only to watch satsangs and sometimes play {healthy} video games. In order to do this you have to ask for strength from Dada Bhagwan.

Another important thing that came into my understanding was to NEVER DISOBEY YOUR PARENTS, because they are basically your Gods. Jai Sat Chit Anand!

- Jwalant Bhagat (Apex, NC)

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