Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Live Translation of Satsang

Hey and jsca to all!!

Many of us need translation for Deepakbhai's satsang. We are very lucky to have a mahatma do that for us. On the bottom of the blog (near the music downloads) is the video translation of pre-recorded morning satsangs. This translation will also be used for upcoming Parayan in Adalaj. We all will benefit from this translation and understand the deep Gnan that Deepakbhai is giving to us.

The translation is embedded on the bottom of the blog. Here is the link to the site where this is being hosted: www.zaplive.tv/web/shuddha (Here you can register and create a free account which will enable to you to chat live to mahatmas during satsang.

Please use this great resource to progress!!!!


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